England Travelogue - Whitby

By the time everyone had woken up, we’d run some errands and had got our phone sim cards switched over to a UK sim cards we eventually left for Whitby. By the time we arrived it was mid afternoon, however at this time of the year, that means it would soon be getting dark.

We were staying in the youth hostel (YHA) next to Whitby Abbey, this is the back of the building that makes up the YHA and Abbey visitors center. Its an interesting building. What you see here is basically a facade, the rest of the building immediately behind was basically a ruin.

English Heritage have made the building whole again be fusing a mix of modern building materials, while leaving the ruin exposed for all to see. It works great, the new and old buildings are obvious and fused together really well to create a functioning building, safe guarding it for future generations to enjoy.

Everyone was hungry, so we soon headed off down the 199 steps in search of some fish and chips!

Of course, if you see an English candy store selling English fudge and toffee, it would be rude not to stop in, that was desert taken care of!

After little deliberation we stopped in ‘Monks Haven’ for dinner. Fish, Chips and Mussy Pea’s please! We got chatting to the owner. Incredibly, she had visited Oswego, a town a few miles down the road from us. The Fish and Chips were great!

After that a stroll down to the harbor to check out the boats, lobster pots and sunset.

The next morning we were a bit more back on schedule and we had a plan. After breakfast at the YHA, we headed to Whitby station to buy our tickets for the North Yorkshire Moors steam railway. On the way there the market stall owners where setting up for the day.

The night before had been a bit stormy, not a lot of rain, but some pretty heavy wind. The storm passed leaving some great directional but moody light in its wake.