England Travelogue - Take-off

With the Christmas presents opened the turkey finished off and the dog at the kennel, it was time to head to the airport for the journey back home to England, the destination for our family holiday. We were looking forward to the relative warmth of England, though at the time we didn’t realize just how much warmer that would turn out to be (-50f with windchill in Chicago on January 6th).

We had a bit of a wait for our flight, but Cole and Ben made use of the built in entertainment facilities of the airport...

After 7 hours on the flight we had landed in Dublin, where after a schedule change, we had to wait around for 5 hours. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but Cole being a worry wart managed to worry him self about the flight he had just got off to the point of being sick as we were exiting the flight, he wasn’t such a happy camper, but didn’t complain at all...

Eventually we descended over Manchester, green Manchester!

Once on the ground, all that was left was to pickup the hire car. Seemed simple enough, unfortunately due to the schedule change of the flight from Dublin, they had let our car go. "How about a Fiat 500 4 door sir?", hmmm, I’ll wait for a bigger car to come in. After 30 minutes though and Cole being sick again, we took the Fiat, well, I say took. We packed the luggage in it only to find the trunk/boot wouldn’t close. Finally they gave us a decent car, a Skoda Octavia diesel, not quite the VW Passat we had booked, but close enough - it turned out to be a decent hire car, 50+ mpg!

Everyone was pretty tired by this point, I had intended to take the motorway all the way to Doncaster, unfortunately the GPS routed us straight over snake pass, its called snake pass for a reason! Not really the road you wanna be driving on, in the dark and rain after driving on the other side of the road and a long flight!

Finally we arrived in Doncaster at about 7pm! We’re here I thought, finally. We began unpacking, but within 10 minutes I had managed to trip the fuse in my dads house where we were staying while he was in Germany. That took 2 hours to sort out. By the time I had it fixed, everyone else was fast asleep!

The next day we headed for Whitby to stay for a couple of nights...